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– “Promoting Grit, Tenacity, and Perseverance: Critical Factors for Success in the 21st Century” US Department of Education, meta-review, 2013 (pretty massive but nothing beats this source for a comprehensive look at the most cutting-edge info on grit and mindsets)


Building Emotional Intelligence: Techniques to Cultivate Inner Strength in Children by Linda Lantieri & Daniel Goleman

“An innovative educator and the pioneer of emotional intelligence team up to present a groundbreaking program for building resilience and inner strength in children.”


How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character

“The story we usually tell about childhood and success is the one about intelligence: success comes to those who score highest on tests, from preschool admissions to SATs. But in How Children Succeed, Paul Tough argues that the qualities that matter most have more to do with character: skills like perseverance, curiosity, conscientiousness, optimism, and self-control.


How Children Succeed introduces us to a new generation of researchers and educators who, for the first time, are using the tools of science to peel back the mysteries of character. Through their stories—and the stories of the children they are trying to help—Tough traces the links between childhood stress and life success. He uncovers the surprising ways in which parents do and do not prepare their children for adulthood. And he provides us with new insights into how to help children growing up in poverty.”


Fostering Grit: How do I prepare my students for the real world? by Thomas R. Hoerr

“Grit is a combination of tenacity and perseverance—a willingness to take risks even if it means sometimes failing and starting again. Knowing how to respond to frustration and failure is essential whether a student struggles or excels. Veteran school leader and popularEducational Leadership columnist Thomas R. Hoerr shows what teaching for grit looks like and provides a sample lesson plan and self-assessments, along with a six-step process applicable across grade levels and content areas to help students build skills they need to succeed in school and in life.”


“Resilience and Grit: Resource Roundup”

Edutopia’s carefully curated collection of blogs, articles, interviews, and videos with information for parents and educators about the associated concepts of resilience and grit.


“Teaching Grit: Social and Emotional Truth”

“Close examination of both the construct of grit and research reveals that teaching grit requires more than we may think. Grit involves the interplay of thoughts and emotions, demanding a wellspring of inner resources to overcome the inevitable obstacles that arise when going full-force after a goal. Thus, teachers who want their students to be more “gritty” need to be aware of those students’ inner lives as well as the outer steps being taken to reach their dreams.”


“5 Steps to Foster Grit in the Classroom”

“The character traits of determination, adaptability and reflection add up to a critical 21st century skill.”


“True Grit: The Best Measure of Success and How to Teach It”


A Three Part Series on Grit and Resilience from UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center

“How to Help Kids Overcome Fear of Failure” –

“What’s Wrong With Grit?” –

“Two Ways to Foster Grit” –

“According to the research on failure, students may need more than just grit to succeed. To help students learn to overcome obstacles in pursuit of long-term goals, educators should focus on developing cognitive and emotional skills.”


Duckworth, A.L., Peterson, C., Matthews, M.D., & Kelly, D.R. (2007). “Grit: Perseverance and passion for long-term goals”. Personality Processes and Individual Differences, 92 (6), p. 1087.


Angela Duckworth’s Video Series on Grit

“What is grit?” –

“Are there virtues that are precursors or closely associated with grit?” –

“What role does humility play, if any, in cultivating grit?” –

“How has your personal story been a window into your research on grit?” –

“What advice would you give to parents who wanted to cultivate grit in their children?” –

“What is psychological distancing and how does it relate to self control?” –



Edutopia Resilience and Grit: Resource Roundup