Measuring the unmeasured impacts of schools.

20,000 students from 60 schools in state/independent dividend study

Sir Anthony Seldon, Master of Wellington, and Dr Tony Sewell, Chair of Generating Genius, have invited 20,000 students from 60 schools to be part  of a major study lead by Human Ecology Education

Footprints schools programme


The study will measure the impact of four different educational models (academy, LA school, independent day and boarding school) upon the social, emotional and cognitive development of students.

Sir Anthony writes “I hope that schools will join this important study into the impact of educational models of student development.”  Dr Tony Sewell writes “This project aims to unlock more doors to success for our brightest students, especially those from less advantaged backgrounds.”

Study leader, Dr Simon Walker, says “Our hope is that the study will broaden understanding of the non-academic dividend in educational models and highlight where gaps in the actual impacts of different models on student development can be overcome.”

Results will be announced in summer 2015.



Read more on the project here and on the Footprints site.