Technology Professional Learning Strand


IMG_9479IT Strand for Professional Learning


The use of IT in the classroom is being increasingly questioned in the sphere of educational debate, regarding its effectiveness and value for money.  At Wellington, we are fortunate in two respects: firstly we have excellent resources for the use of IT in the classroom and, secondly, we have a Learning and Research centre which helps to inform our practise to ensure it is having a positive impact in the classroom.

Those teachers who choose to develop their use of Ed-Tech in the classroom will be at the forefront of this work and will be expected to cascade this learning down to others, both formally and informally.

The Programme

Teachers who have chosen Ed-Tech as their Professional Learning strand will be expected to follow the programme outlined below during that academic year:

  1. Pick an area of focus and agree with the Deputy Head (Performance).  It is intended that teaching staff should bring their own ideas to the table, but some suggestions are made below.
  1. Once the focus is agreed, teachers should carry out both independent and supported learning activities.  Suggestions and requirements for these two areas, respectively, are made below.
  1. All Professional Learning activities should be logged
  1. Teachers should use department meeting time to cascade their learning to others in the department.  At the termly ‘Teach meet’ events in the library, they should consider presenting their work to all members of teaching staff

Ideas for areas of focus

  • Using Databases to track pupil performance
  • Use of OneNote Classroom App to improve…
  • Metacognition
  • Quality of feedback
  • Timeliness of feedback
  • Collaboration in the classroom
  • Use of Office Mix within a ‘flipped classroom’ model
  • The use of Skype for Business for online tutoring
  • Using Tablet computers in the classroom

Suggestions for independent Professional Learning activities

  • Reading
  • Lesson Study
  • Online courses and Webinars
  • Online video tutorials
  • External or Internal courses

Supported Programme for Professional Learning

Teachers who have chosen this strand will be expected to meet with the representatives from Tablet Academy, our training consultants, both as a group and individually, once per term.  This will allow us to share ideas as a group, but also use their expertise to direct their learning.tablet

In addition, there is the opportunity for teachers to become a MIEE, as part of our close ties with Microsoft.