Initial Teacher Training

Initial Teacher Training (ITT)

  • New Teacher Training (NTT): this is for those who are new to the profession, usually postgraduate teachers or those moving from another professional background. A training course runs throughout the year delivering sessions on pedagogy, professional skills and management, and how to develop as a teacher. Each NTT has a mentor for the year and this provides a platform for going on to achieve QTS in the future.
  • PGCE: each year we have a group of teachers who undertake a PGCE whilst working at Wellington. We do this through the self-funded School Direct route with Southampton University. Again a mentor is assigned as well as a tutor from Southampton, and three main assessments have to be completed. At the end of the course the candidates achieve QTS. Other options include assessment only and PGCE top-up, depending on the background and circumstance of each teacher.
  • NQT: having competed the PGCE our NQTs are assigned a mentor and have to undertake a year of induction training through IStip. They will carry on with a mentor (often the same person who mentored their PGCE) and three assessments are written by this mentor using evidence collected throughout the term. Three regional conferences must be attended, though Wellington is one of these centres so staff only have to go to the DLR to participate.
  • Mentoring: this is crucial to the whole process of ITT and in 2015 we have no fewer than 24 colleagues acting as mentors. This is a good option for experienced staff who, rather than seeking to learn new skills themselves, would rather use their knowledge to develop teachers who are new to the profession. It will also count as their PL strand for the year. Good mentors are those who are approachable, available and experienced; we are fortunate to have an abundance of such staff at Wellington.