Lesson Observation and Lesson Study

Less observation is something that we want to push much more this year. The open door observation days (see this link have been a very good way of allowing staff to see colleagues in other subjects and encourage them to think about their own practice. We are also keen to implement technology with filmed observation so have been working with different systems to find the best way forward. Finally we need a substantial amount of observation done for ITT purposes so a team of specialist observers is needed to assist the mentors. Giving variety of feedback is a great aid to new teachers and can improve their practice in a supportive fashion. As members of NTEN we are also very keen on Lesson Study. For more information see this link:


This is an HMC qualification in academic management and is excellent for aspiring and new heads of department. It is a two-year course with eight modules in total and each candidate would have an experienced HOD as a mentor. There is an option for a third year which gives Masters’ credits. More information can be found here: