Choose Your Own Device Scheme

The Swiss Army Knife Philosophy

swiss army knifeChoose Your Own Device

What does it mean?

On entry to Wellington, every student is given a choice of two or three devices which are then supplied by the College.  The devices are owned by the pupils but managed by the College and all have the following characteristics:

  1. Run on Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 pro
  2. Allow digital inking with a stylus
  3. Have a keyboard large enough that it can serve as a tablet or a laptop

In reality, the majority of students opt to use a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 or 4


What are the advantages?

  • Like the Swiss Army, all carrying the same device, all our teachers know what to expect in the classroom.  They can plan lessons knowing that all students can get online and have the same tools available to them.
  • Students can help each other (and teachers can help students) since everyone uses the same device.
  • Like the Swiss Army Knife, there are many tools available, and teachers and students will choose different ones at different times…but the same tools are available to all.
  • Mobility is key.  Whilst not quite as pocketable as the knife, they are easily transportable around College.
  • When something goes wrong, we can easily lend a device from our reserves and students can be back online in minutes.
  • We can add the right chargers around College and have the appropriate spares in the College shop