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    The Three Keys of Intrinsic Motivation

    By Kyle McDonald 

    At the end of 2009, Daniel H. Pink wrote a book entitled “Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us”. You can find him talking about his vision here. Within this book, Pink argues that businesses are not acting upon what we know about the human brain and what psychologists have known for a long time about motivation. Read More

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    Feedback, Mindset and Motivation – Linked?

    By Sarah Donarski
    In the lead up to examination season, it is interesting to see different mindsets and ‘self-perceptions’ developing amongst the pupil body. Read More

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    Learning and Research Digest – April 17


    When are children happiest? When at school, research suggests
    Data from the UK Household Longitudinal Study, which has tracked the ups and downs of 40,000 households since 2009 claims that children are happier when at school than during the holidays with the Easter break being the gloomiest time of the year. Read More

  • Research Digest – January 2017

    Logged In and Zoned Out: How Laptop Internet Use Relates to Classroom Learning
    Practice with Purpose: The emerging science of teacher expertise
    Why didn’t Assessment for Learning transform our schools?
    Will the Educational Sciences Ever Grow Up?
    Subject choices at GCSE may exacerbate social inequalities, study finds
    Who gets most distracted by cell phones?
    Education or Indoctrination: Read More

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    Independent learning and coaching

    By Iain Henderson
    If there were a competition to find a concept most consistently misunderstood or misrepresented in education, independent learning would have a good chance of a gold medal.  Until recently, coaching might well have beaten it.
    So what do we mean by independent learning?
    Firstly, it is far, far wider than just learning. Read More

  • Research Digest – December 2016

    Breakfast clubs boost reading and mathematics results for elementary students
    Brain Training may be harmful to some aspects of memory performance
    What the world can learn from the latest PISA test results
    Is Ed-Tech research nearing its ‘Big Tobacco’ moment?
    Frequency of feedback – is there a better way?
    Study: Most Professional Training for Teachers Doesn’t Qualify as Read More

  • harkness

    Independent Learning week 6: Why Implement Harkness?

    By Sarah Donarski

    Teacher-led approaches are a vital step in a pupil’s learning process but they should not be our sole focus in the classroom. Read More

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    Independent Learning week 5: Mindset and Motivation

    A key determinant in student success is the inherent beliefs they have about themselves in terms of their ability and how they learn. The two major areas to consider here are Carol Dweck’s work on Growth Mindset and Angela Duckworth’s on Grit. Read More