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  • Fr. Tim Novis

    A ‘Liturgical Laboratory’

    ‘Liturgical Laboratory’  

    by Tim Novis.
    As the Senior Chaplain at Wellington College, I am responsible for ensuring that worship is meaningful and relevant for the students, over a thousand in number, who enter the Chapel on a weekly basis.  The most obvious expectation in an independent school, often driven by impressive fees, is that whatever we offer it must be of the highest quality. Read More

  • ww

    Taming the Wild West of Educational Research

    By Dr. Simon P Walker 

    Dissolving facts
    Let’s start with a basic fact. All facts are constructs. As Martin Heidegger would have put it, no construct is a description of the thing in itself. It is a proposal, a representation, an attempt at a description.
    Take a supposed ‘solid fact’. Take, for instance, the fact of gravity. Gravity is a fact, surely. Read More